Saskatchewan Highway Conditions

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The following websites give information about the current conditions of highways in the Province of Saskatchewan.

This website is operated by the Government of Saskatchewan. Areas of highways that are under construction and emergency road closings are posted. In the winter, highways that are impacted by winter weather are listed.

This website links back to the Government of Saskatchewan website. However, this website also lists numbers for drivers to call to obtain current highway information.

A color-coded map is provided at this site. Visibility and surface conditions are provided on any given stretch of road. Different colors on a highway indicate different types of delays or weather impacting the highway.


Map of Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan’s Tourist Locations

Saskatchewan has two personalities. When you travel the lower two-thirds, you’ll see rolling hills with small lakes. The land rises from East to West with the highest point in Saskatchewan in the Cypress Hills (4570 feet). If you take one of the few roads heading North to the upper third, you’ll find yourself in vast bogs with thousands of ponds. Saskatchewan provides an outdoors experience second to none with both wilderness exploring and planned activities and two fascinating cities. Here are a few of the extraordinary things you can do in Saskatchewan.

Main map of Saskatchewan:

Saskatoon holds the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Academy where you can watch the Sargeant Major’s Parade on weekdays.

Regina is home to the RCMP Heritage Centre.

Buffalo Pound Provincial Park offers seasonal recreation with swimming, camping, mini-golf, fishing, hiking and biking along the Trans-Canada Trail. The park features a captive herd of bison and wildlife visits to Nicolle Flats Marsh.

The Cannington Manor Provincial Park was established in 1882 about 25 km northeast of Moose Jaw as a historical park showcasing the failed colony of Cannington Manor. Captain Edward Michell wanted to educate the sons of wealthy families in agricultural and genteel living. Inhabitants of Cannington Manor rode thoroughbred horses, played polo, hunted foxes, and played billiards and tennis.

Grasslands National Park in southern Saskatchewan along the Montana border offers the visitor a chance to learn about the prairie grasslands environment of Canada. The semi-arid climate of the grasslands hosts unusual plants and animals such as the only black-tailed prairie dog which can be found no where else in Canada.


Towns in Saskatchewan

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Largest Towns in Saskatchewan, Canada

In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, a village can incorporate as a town once it reaches a population of at least 500. Once a town reaches a population of 5000, it may choose to apply for a change in status and become a city, though not all towns do so.

There are 147 official towns in Saskatchewan. Some of the largest, by population, include Warman, Nipawin, Tisdale, La Ronge, and Esterhazy. All links below are to the Google map of that particular town.

Warman, 12 miles from Saskatoon, provides a convenient home location for commuters who work in that city. It is officially Saskatchewan’s largest town, with a population of over 7000. It will officially become a city in October 2012.

Nipawin lies between two lakes in northeast Saskatchewan and is particularly known for diamond mining. Snowmobiles and curling are popular pastimes there, and it is also known for one of the best golf courses in Saskatchewan.

Tisdale, in northeastern Saskatchewan, is especially known for its agriculture. The area is a major grain centre, especially because it is located near both major highways and railroads. It is also a major producer of honey.

La Ronge lies in northern Saskatchewan on the shores of the Lake from which the town gets its name. Its location makes it an important hub for industrial and government transportation. A number of First Nations lands surround La Ronge, which is also a popular fishing destination with tourists.

Esterhazy is located in southeastern Saskatchewan. It has a history of significant European settlement and its flour mill is a national historic site. It is largely a mining area.